Meditation and Making Money

Want to be more effective at making money on Wall St or at being a better Samurai? Meditation can help –according to this article from Business Week. Maybe not the best motivation for meditating but hey, meditating is better than not. Right? RIGHT???

From Wall Street to Silicon Valley everybody is beginning to realize the benefits of meditation.

Check out this interesting article.

The idea that Type-A traders are seeking profit with the same tool that Buddhist monks use to achieve enlightenment might seem like sacrilege. Yet most people misunderstand meditation, says Jay Michaelson, author of “Evolving Dharma: Meditation, Buddhism, and the Next Generation of Enlightenment…
“Meditation used to have this reputation as a hippie thing for people who speak in a particularly soft tone of voice,” Michaelson says. Not so. “Samurai practiced meditation to become more effective killers,” he says. So too did kamikaze pilots. “It’s value neutral,” Michaelson says.

Wolf Of Wall Street Meditates On Money