Meditation In Times Square – 2018 Dates

The Sitting Project, in conjunction with Awake New York and New York Buddha Dharma is doing a series of free public meditations, flash mob style (show up, sit down, meditate, leave) in Times Square in 2018.

All sits start at 2pm unless otherwise noted. Check here or on The Sitting Project Facebook page for updates about the event or changes to time.

March 24th
June 16th 
September 15th 
December 1st 

*More dates may be added. Check this post for additions and changes to schedule.

This meditation will be held by the red steps and in front of the Father Duffy statue in the middle of Times Square for about 45 minutes.

All are invited to join and no experience necessary but we do recommend that you bring a cushion or something to sit on (helps keep your posture comfortable).

Our purpose in sitting is not to protest anything but simply to cultivate awareness and compassion in ourselves and to promote the practice of sitting meditation at large. People are free to join and leave the sit as their schedule allows. If you can only join for 5 minutes, thats ok.

If you are wondering why meditation in public is awesome, in addition to often being a profound personal experience and a great way to promote awareness of mindfulness meditaiton, here’s an article and a video about it:

Also here are some links to basic meditation instruction for those interested:

Basic Meditation Instruction


For questions contact C.T. Tamura of The Sitting Project at carytamura (at) gmail (dot) com

Want to see exactly what we will be doing? Check out the video below… Hope to see you there!

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 4.30.02 PM