Outdoor Sitting Meditation In Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

A weekly all-inclusive, weather-permitting meditation at Bushwick Inlet Park in Williamsburg, free and open to everyone, about 30 min long. Meditation instruction provided upon request. Meeting at the park on Saturdays at 12 pm in the Northwest corner of the park on the small hill (see the pin on the map below for guidance). ***Note that this sit moves around occasionally so please email Xenia for details on this week’s sit: xenia.grubstein(at)gmail(dot)com

We will be there for about an hour though, so if you are late you can still get your 30 min in. Or sit for a full hour between 12 and 1pm pm, if so inclined. Cushions are not provided so bring something to sit on. Here is a short article about Basic Posture and Things To Sit On. Sometimes something as simple as a rolled up towel can be adequate to get you in a better posture.

We also view this as an opportunity to meet people and connect, with an option of a post-meditation hang out in Williamsburg/Greenpoint area.

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Organized by Xenia Grubstein – xenia.grubstein(at)gmail(dot)com with support from C.T. Tamura thesittingproject(at)gmail(dot)com and www.thesittingproject.org

Artwork: reddit; wallbase

The SItting Project Williamsburg