Science, Say Hello To Contemplation (again).

Buddhist Geeks

What happens when you bring together a long-time meditation teacher interested in advanced mathematics and science with a Harvard neuroscientist who is an avid meditator?

You get the Harvard Brain Study on Shinzen Young Meditators. Together, Shinzen Young and Dave Vago have teamed-up to investigate what happens in the brain when you apply Shinzen Young’s meditation techniques. By combining Shinzen’s meditation students with Dave’s research skills and uber-geeky laboratory, they just might be forcing science to evolve and go a whole lot deeper in the process.

And this isn’t just another ‘meditation and brain study’ either, as meditator and New York Times journalist Jeff Warren states, “This is not another meditation and the brain story – it’s about the new age of contemplative transparency that may finally be upon us, and the radical prospect of science taking enlightenment – that multifaceted jewel – seriously.”

For the full article about the uber geeky buddhist conference held in Boulder, CO August 16-18, 2013 click the link below: